Team History
In 2001, a trio of nightlife enthusiasts launched what would soon become Miami’s premier destination for night owls seeking the best venues and parties. The founders, a blend of tech-savvy, creative and business entrepreneurs, spotted a gap in how nightlife was curated and shared online.

They envisioned a platform that not only listed local bars, clubs, and exclusive events but also incorporated user reviews and real-time updates. With innovative features like VIP reservation services and partnerships with major entertainment venues, they quickly rose to prominence. The site’s sleek interface and user-focused design set it apart, making it the go-to resource for party-goers, event organizers, and venue owners alike.

The site transformed the digital landscape of nightlife culture, contributing significantly to its evolution by connecting people with unforgettable experiences in their city and beyond. With strategic partnerships with newspapers, radio and TV and international companies like the UK’s BBC Radio 1. The brand was elevated beyond the local scene and soon spread to other US Cities – New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago before being sold in 2005 to a New York company.

Today we work with Film, AI and other emerging new technologies helping people in a range of industries with everything from start up consulting to AI integration.